How to Replace the Brake Pads on a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Changing out the pads for the front disc brakes on the Pacifica is about half hour job. First thing to do is jack up the side you’re working on and secure it with proper jack stands. Once you remove the wheel you’ll be confronted with rotor and caliper assembly:

What I typically do next is release some pressure from the pistons by depressing the caliper. You can get a special tool to do this, but I find a C clamp does the job just fine. It’s rather difficult, if not impossible, to swing open the caliper housing without doing this.

Another view of the depressed caliper:

I next loosen the two bolts attached to the slide pins at the top and bottom of the caliper.

I tend to remove the top one completely and let the caliper swing open. I’ve seen folks remove only the bottom one and let it swing up. In my case I have to rest it on something so I just use another jack stand. Either way, the results are the same:

The pads are easily removed at this point. I also remove the pad retainer clips.

I then start the reverse process by first installing the new clips:

…and subsequently the new pads:

Be sure to use some grease at the contact points of the pads and the retainer clips. The grease reduces any noise and possible sticking.

Because the new pads will be thicker than their old, worn-out counterparts, you’ll probably need to depress the pistons a bit more so you have clearance to swing the caliper back into place. I usually just use one of the old pads here, placing it flush to the pistons, and depress them again with the C clamp.

Once those pistons are depressed all the way, swing the caliper back into place. Replace the top bolt that was removed, tightening it and the one at the bottom.

The new pads are now ready to go.

7 Responses to “How to Replace the Brake Pads on a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica”

  1. Chris Lanphear Says:

    Oh man, you make that look easy…haha…cars and me do not like each other…I ran myself over once…long story.

  2. Mike Flynn Says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! There was a particular part of the brake caliper that I needed to know exactly what it looked like before I began my brake work and one of your photos shows exactly what I needed to see.

  3. Alexei Says:

    these instructions are very good, as well as pictures…
    i followed them – all went very well!
    Thank you

  4. Ted Anderson Says:

    Thanks for the info. VERY helpful! Thanks for taking the time to help others.

  5. Kenneth Says:

    Very Nice! Anyone have a link for the rear brakes? Will the pistons simply depress with out twisting?

  6. Steve Says:

    Thanks Dominick. Your instructions really helped me change my brake pads today. Especially the free freeing up of the housing section. You are right they would have not come loose if you don’t free them. Thanks agin for publishing this.

  7. Kanyon Says:

    Thank you for making this such an easy process to follow. Your instructions and your pictures really helped me to understand how this job should go, and I was able to follow them to the letter. I agree with the other post thanking you for publishing this. It made a difficult-looking job seem easy!