Original Contemporary Abstract Art for Modern Interiors

Explorations in Materials, Texture, and Composition

In this most recent series, Wall Segments & Markings 2023, I continue my exploration of polystyrene as the primary substrate for the work. Its lightweight and rigid nature enables intricate carving, incorporating elements such as wood, twine, or wire mesh.

Number Word Vignettes

Number Word Vignettes is a series started in 2020. Each piece is 11″ x 11″ framed. A variety of mediums and elements were used to create these including paint, toner transfers, gummed paper tape, masking tape, wire mesh, steel mending plates, and roofing tar.

Number Word Vignettes: Ninety-Eight

“Naccarato’s work borders on minimalism using different found media to construct surface, line, and shape. Perfect for those who enjoy and industrial aesthetic.”

Inspired by Surface and Texture

Naccarato’s contemporary, industrial style is achieved with compositions that are the result of his unique approach to combining paint, text, found objects, and a variety of other textures and non-traditional mediums.

“Where some see an impending traffic jam or decrepit building, Naccarato sees flashes of an untold story that he later brings to life.

Industrial Vignettes

In 2018, I initiated a series titled ‘Industrial Vignettes.’ The artworks in this collection predominantly feature tightly cropped, sometimes truncated, numbers along with the integration of various pieces of hardware into the composition.

Domenick Naccarato - Markings: Stay Back 200 Feet

Wall Segments & Markings

Pieces within my original Wall Segments & Markings series tend to mimic certain visuals, including signage, numerals (a serial number perhaps), and other markings that might appear on the side of a train car, the back of a truck, or the steel walls of a dumpster.

“His pieces are rich with texture, and while sculptural elements and assemblage are common themes, Naccarato still refers to his works as paintings.”