2014 Riverside Festival of the Arts Wrap Up

It’s already Thursday but I feel like I’m still coming down from the high of the Riverside Festival of the Arts in Easton this past weekend. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people I met over the two days who stopped to chat and talk to me about my work. I  truly appreciate the response, the interest, and most of all, I’m grateful to all my new (and some existing) collectors who went home with a piece of my artwork this weekend.

Domenick Naccarato's Art Booth for 2014 Riverside Arts Festival
Finalized my booth setup for Saturday morning
Yours truly hanging out Saturday morning

And the highlight of the weekend was Sunday morning when Carol Brenner, who chairs the festival, surprised me with the 1st place juried award for fine art! My sister and her family were there when they came by and you can see my one nephew lounging around the grass in the bottom right corner of the shot.

1st place winner for fine art
Carol Brenner awarding me 1st place.

And finally… of all the pieces I was sad to see go was this one. This is a newer piece, and probably one of my favorites that I brought with me this weekend. I’m happy though that it’s found a new home.

One of my new ‘Textured Color Field’ pieces.