Month: April 2014

Altered and Assembled

My friend Maryann Riker has curated an art show and invited myself and seven other local artists to take part in it. The shows’ theme is centralized around the concepts of assemblage art (right up my alley). It’s being hosted at Connexions Gallery in Easton, PA and runs from April 18th – May 16th, 2014. […]

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16th Annual ACE Arts Tour in Easton

The Arts Community of Easton will be hosting its annual Art Tour this coming weekend on April 26th and 27th, 2014. The art tour is an annual self-directed tour of Easton’s galleries, studios, and creative spaces that allows shops and artists to open their doors to the public and show the vibrancy of our arts community. […]

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Getting Stencils to Stay in Place

I’ve been using a lot of stencils lately for getting the letters, numbers, or words onto my paintings. Most of the stencils I make are done on a heavier stock paper, so there’s already some rigidity there which helps when working with them. But in order to get my stencils to stay put while I’m […]

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19″ x 26″ x 2.5" | assemblage and mixed media on plywood | 2014 | archive #201416

Markings: Not to Exceed 80 PSI

19″ x 26″ x 2.5″ | assemblage and mixed media on plywood | 2014 | archive #201416 | SOLD

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Markings: 10-47

24″ x 16″ | mixed media on panel | 2014 | archive #201424 | SOLD

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