Artist Talk – Carlos Runcie-Tanaka

At this evening’s ACE meeting we were treated to a lecture by Peruvian born artist Carlos Runcie-Tanake. He walked us through a slide presentation of his impressive body of work to date and told us some stories on how much of it came to be.

His career as an artist began as a ceramicist but evolved into more installation and site-specific work; some of which can be seen in person at the Williams Center for the Arts at Lafayette College right now. His “Cloud” piece there is made of a bunch of origami crabs suspended from the ceiling.

Carlos Runcie-Tanaka Cloud

The crabs are a common theme throughout his work. He told us some interesting stories about how the crab became to symbolize his grandfathers (one Japanese and one British) arrival to Peru earlier in the 1920’s and how they represent their migration, cultural diversity, and adaptation.


Here he is being interviewed a few years back at the Station Museum in Houston.

He has a huge body of work, much of which can be seen on his website.

Definitely check him out.