Contemporary Abstraction exhibit at Baum School of Art - Summer 2022

Contemporary Abstraction Exhibit at Baum School of Art

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m guest-curating an exhibit titled Contemporary Abstract at The Baum School of Art’s David E. Rodale and Rodale Family Galleries, running from June 13th to July 7th, 2022.

This exhibit showcases the work of Lehigh Art Alliance members, focusing on their unique interpretations of contemporary abstraction. We took an artist-led approach, allowing creators to choose pieces that they felt best embodied this theme.

The result? A vibrant collection that pulls inspiration from various abstract styles, including cubism, marbling, block art, and expressionism. You’ll also find works that playfully blur the lines between abstraction and realism, offering a distorted yet captivating view of reality.

The mediums on display extend far beyond traditional painting. Expect to see collages, digital photography, mosaics, sculptures, and assemblage art – a true testament to the diverse ways LAA artists explore abstraction.

Participating artists include:

Nancy Bossert
Nicole Rissmiller
Maryann Riker
Luther Henninger
Carolyn Spivak
John Sauerzopf
Barbara Kozero
Karen Benco
Lois Schlachter
Richard Begbie
Douglas Ihlenfeld
Janet Dance
Domenick Naccarato
John Mathews
Laura Elmore
Kat Collins
Kass Freeman
Craig Werkheiser
Susan Berkenstock
Kara Coleman
John Rodgers
Skip Kralik
Janet Rockware
Jonas Arguello-Delgado
Audrey “Abe” Bordonaro
Anne K. Sikorski-Schneider

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating these innovative interpretations of contemporary art!

Opening Reception: Third Thursday, June 16, 2022 from 6:00-8:00pm

Closing Reception: Third Thursday, July 7, 2022 6:00-9:00pm