Using Bench Cookies to Prop up Work

Every so often I work on a piece of plywood or MDF that I haven’t cradled in the back. This can make it somewhat of a challenge when I need to attach hardware or drill through it for my various assemblage elements.


Because these panels aren’t too thick, whatever I screw in will typically break through to the back. And the last thing I want to do is drill or screw into my workbench.


My solution to this is something that comes from the world of woodworking, called Bench Cookies. They go by various names and brands and are used to elevate your project from the work surface.


Both sides of the Bench Cookie are covered in non slip rubber pads that give you a really good grip. They’re great to use if you’re sanding or planing a piece of wood and don’t want it moving around on you.


I use all four of them for small panels like this one to prop it up and give me the extra clearance underneath for the screws to pop threw.




The other nice thing these do is give me just enough height off my workbench for when I’m plastering or painting the edges of a piece.